Technical Information

· This volume is intended as a reference guide for angle applications.

· In addition to the various solutions shown, solutions for applications with various degree of angles (from -45 degrees up to and including +160 degrees) can be acheived.


· Various overlays may be acheived either by changing the mounting plate or by changing the drilling distance. The drilling distance becomes very advantageous with both the "F" series and the 165 degree hinges where drilling distances of up to 15mm may be utilized.

NOTE: Increasing the drilling distance increases the overlay, whereas increasing the mounting plate decreases the overlay.

· Various angles can be acheived by combining the present angle hinges with the variable angle mounting plates. (By swiveling the plate you can acheive the desired angle.)


· Salice offers CAD services to the customers, existing or potential, to provide solutions for any application. The diagram below shows al the information provided in a solution.

NOTE: The minimum information required from you would be as follows. The side panel thickness (S), the door thickness (T), the reveal/gap (A) or the overlay (D), the desired degree of opening , and any special situations ie: the angle of the door, radius of door etc. (if applicable).

· For immediate assistance please call Salice customer service department 1-800-222-96-52 or fax your design 1-704-841-7808